Workshops are available throughout the year. Regular weekend trips to the Purbecks here in Dorset as a group or one to one. All levels catered for. Trips to Scotland covering Rannoch Moor and the Isle of Skye are a particular favourite of mine having planned locations over the last 3 years. Trips can be arranged as a ''meet you there'', pick you up from an Airport, or pre-designated pickup point for the journey ahead. I live in Dorset and feel very privileged to live very close to the Purbeck area of the infamous Jurassic Coast. This is where I honed my craft for Landscape Photography and spend a lot of time in locations such as Lulworth, Kimmeridge, Mupe Bay & Portland. It's a wonderful playground that ticks many boxes for dramatic Landscape Photography. Tuition and trips can be tailored to your specific requirement or simply let me take WORKSHOPS you on a journey that will inspire you for the rest of your Photographic life. I will share my knowledge and love of Photography. It's what I live for, it's what gets me up in the morning. There's no better feeling than being 'there' , in the moment as light begins it's merry dance across a Landscape that's waiting for the few that are willing to leave the comfort of their beds, drive in the dark, the cold, walk in the rain, to be at one with the moment.
Prices start from just £160 per person per day [ including Breakfast ] Special £99 Workshops with throughout the year.
If you wish to join me for one to one tuition or be part of a group (max 3), please send me an email [ info@timwayphotography ] with your name, phone number with brief description about you, your level of photography and what you wish to learn from your one to one. It's all about you
Even if you have no understanding of ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance, RAW Image Quality, LiveView, Self Timer, Metering, Manual Focus and General Menu know-how, it would be wise to know how to access these functions on your camera. If this sounds a little daunting, don't worry, that's what I'm here for : ) Just bring your Manual. I work with the Lee Filter System as do many top Landscape Photographers and would recommend you purchase at the very least their Foundation Kit. I carry all of the nutral density filters along with various other filters to lengthen exposure time that will be used as part of your workshop, so if you don't come prepared, you will be able to use mine under my watchfull eye ; ) You will require the folowing: camera, cable or remote release (but I advise cable), sturdy tripod, nodal rail (but not essential), wide angle lense (20 to 24mm) tilt shift or standard prime (if possible). I will talk about clothing nearer the time but advise a good pair of walking boots, water and windproof jacket and trousers. A quality thin walking fleece such as Rab is always wise. That's it for now. Loads to talk about . . . hope to speak soon. If you think you recognise this image ?. . . I was Commended and Published in Landscape Photographer of the Year. This image was taken during one of my reckies for workshops on the Isle of Skye that take place during the latter part of the year. '' What knowledge and equipment will I need before I arrive for my Workshop with you Tim '' ? . . . . . . That's a great question, . . . thank you for asking !