It's the essence of you When I'm standing in front of you, I will see something in you, you don't often reveal to others. It's something that unfolds as our relationship unravels to expose and peal away the layers and drop the barriers to reveal your hidden ''you''. The essence of you. Your inner child. Innocence. It's a powerful thing when you can say "hey world, this is me and I'm beautiful".
We travelled to Wareham Forest for this shoot. It was a cool, misty start to the day which added to the soft contrast of the background. White balance was set all the way down to 2500 to enhance tonality in the blue spectrum. I used two 'off camera' speedlights with warm up gels to light my client. Slight colour adjustment to subject in post production. Job done ! A shoot like this will be charged at £30 per hour, minimum 4 hour booking plus travel expense.