So I woke up one morning and had the bright idea of wanting to photograph an Ice Cream under water (I like a challenge) . I ordered a fish tank and started to experiment with potato [ yes potato ]. I ended up using instant mash with a touch of die suggesting different flavours. One Ice Cream Cone with lashings of Ronseal Varnish (and several backups), a stick of Rhubarb suggesting a Chocolate Flake and of course a fish tank filled with water. After a morning of dropping food die mixed with cooking oil and milk into water to see how it would react the shoot commenced. Tip 1 : Don't use a big fish tank as it takes a lot of time to empty ready for the next shot. Tip 2 : Freeze the potato and the Rhubarb as a finished piece as once frozen you won't be able to force them into position on the cone. Tip 3 : Use a metal coat hanger, bend hanger to make a base, push up and through the cone into to frozen mash to hold everything together. Tip 4 : Fill tank with water, and only then, pop the work of art into the tank. Getting Creative
What did I use on this shot ? Miniature Bath, Carpet off cut, food die in water, wilted Asparagus (actually boiled in a kettle), off camera flash, shot outside, camera on tripod with cord release. Technique for movement : Fill bath with died water, get Asparagus into position [ weighted down ] and throw extra died water into the bath whilst taking photohgraph. Tricky one this but excelent fun.