I had a write up here that got a bit technical and went on a bit. I deleted it and through that if I had one message to pass on to you, what would it be ? . . . "I LOVE Commercial Photography" pretty well sums it up. It brings all of my skill sets into one domain. It excites me. I'm reading this back and it all sounds a bit flat . . . jump out of a plane and yell it out . . . ride a motorbike at 150mph and feel your lips go all wobbly . . . now that's a rush ! Did I tell you I love Commercial Photography ? So what is CP ? Well, it's about understanding a concept from a marketing team and ignoring what I'm told to do, funny, but kind of true . . . sometimes (safety net). Think I got away with that, . . . probably not. I do however read between the lines and grind ideas down to their simplest form. So what do I charge ? #IVEGOTAMESSAGEFORYOU
 Daily Rate [ includes late evening or early morning ] £420 plus expenses